September 2, 2018

Who We Are




Loop24 AS is the sole owner of loopSign. Loop24 consists of partners with long experience in the ICT,
Audio/Video and Digital Signage business. The partner’s focus is different processes regarding
development, delivery, publication and marketing. Loop24 believes the future is simplifying all the
processes in Digital Signage and publication methods – to make it available for everyone in a simple and
affordable way. Many of the publication tools available in the marked is too complicated to use,
and Loop24 will change this. Loop24 is working closely with the leading players in the Digital Signage
business, like NEC, Samsung, Philips, LG, Sony, Benq and Viewsonic.

Our business is to make digital signage as simple and easy to use that there is no need for training before
you start using it. Our interface sends your content instantly to the screens you want to publish to.
You can easily publish pictures, tweets, calendar, messages, automated weather forecasts, RSS feeds like news tickers and so on.
With loopSign’s easy to use interface we know you will be happy.